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HAMDOG - USA Talk Show Mashup

Hamdog! The most talked about food product in our history is quickly making it's way across the globe. 8,000 outlets and counting..... Join us as a Licensee today! History is in the making.

Posted by Hamdog on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

USA Talk show Hamdog™ mashup.

American talk show host "Jimmy Kimmel"on the Hamdog™ .

Samuel l Jackson could go a "Chilli Hamdog™ ".

American talk show host "Stephen Colbert" on the Hamdog™ .

"Good Morning America"on the Hamdog™ .

"ESPN's Mike & Mike" on the Hamdog™ .

"ESPN's Mike & Mike" debate on the Hamdog™ .

"NBS World Beat" on the Hamdog™ .

"Halley O'Brien" on the Hamdog™ .