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October 2017

Hamdog Creator, Mark Murray in New York City.

Our Team has just visited New York City, USA. Scouting for the location for Americas first Hamdog Restaurant, and our "Flagship" store. This will be the model that we will Franchise across the USA.

August 2017

Hamdog Bun trays now shipping to Bakeries globally!

Hamdog Baking Tray

June 2017

Hamdog Bun protected by "Registered Design" in United Kingdom.

"Hamdog Bun" protected by Registered Design in United Kingdom.

May 2017

Hamdog trademark issued by United Kingdom.

United Kingdom recognises "Hamdog" as a UK Trademark

May 2017

Hamdog is now available throughout over "8000" 7 Eleven stores in South Korea.

Asian market hungry for "Hamdog".

February 2017

Production of "Hamdog Baking Trays" is now in full swing!


January 2017

The word "Hamdog" makes it on the 10 new Cambridge English words list for 2016. It will now be monitored for its public use for consideration of it's addition to the Cambridge English Dictionary. More about the story here....

"Hamdog". One of the the 10 new English words for 2016.



December 2016
Hamdog Tray Mould

Hamdog Tray Mould Dies

Tooling for Hamdog™ bread mould trays is now underway with our Chinese partners "Haidier Food Machinery Company". These trays are standard bakery size and allow for 10 Hamdogs™ per tray. These will then be forwarded to bakeries around the world along with our recipe and dough weights, allowing those bakeries to then service our global network of forthcoming Hamdog™ stores.

Hamdog Tray Mould - Top View

Haidier Food Machinery Company was chosen not only for their industry experience and globally central location, though also their enthusiasm to be involved in the Hamdog™ . Seeing the potential to produce thousands of trays as the Hamdog™ becomes part of global food culture.