The Story

the story


In the beginning....

Mark Murray - Hamdog

Hamdog Creator - Mark Murray

Most people aren't aware of how old the Hamdog™ concept actually is. With its recent global publicity thinking it is an overnight sensation. Reality is....

It all started late one November night in 2004. Creator Mark Murray had just walked out of a downtown Nashville bar (USA), to grab a bite to eat. On the sidewalk was a hotdog van, and across the road, a hamburger cart. Mark was faced with the dilemma of choosing either a hamburger, or a hotdog. Hungry and unsure, he grabbed one of each. As he was then being driven home, he started eating both his burger and hotdog at once, taking one bite at a time out of each. He then turned to the driver saying "These are bloody good together, be easier to eat it if they joined em together!" What came next....

In the following days, the idea of combining these two popular fast foods occupied Marks mind constantly. Finally putting pen to paper, he created his Hamdog™ bun idea.
Now the then 39 year old was no dummy when it came to ideas. He already had an "Australian Government Innovators Award" under his belt and had created numerous successful products and businesses from scratch.

Hamdog Patent

US Design Patent D584,478

Mark spent days researching the possibility of bringing his idea to market. Though two things challenged him. One, that it maybe a bit ahead of it's time. Two, if it was publicly accepted, it could be copied.
Mark then looked at hiring a Patent Attorney to advise and assist on protecting his idea. Though the huge financial cost was not as far as he was prepared to go. So it was up to Mark to go it alone and have an attempt at what was referred to as near "impossible". An individual getting their own US Patent.
After nearly two years of research and work. On December 7th 2006, Mark lodged his Patent Application with the United States Patents Office. The next two years had Mark faced with numerous technical compliance challenges from the USPO. Then finally on January 6th, 2009. The United States Patents Office officially make the Hamdog™ bun the only Patent protected burger on the planet.
Mark then went on to have his Hamdog™ bun protected by IP Australia with a Registered Design and secured the word "Hamdog" by trademark in the USA. Years pass by....

As the years passed by, while the Hamdog™ concept was hidden away, it was still always on Marks mind. Then one day Mark noticed a TV program coming to Australia that was looking for ideas to be pitched on their new show "Shark Tank". A show originally from the USA that puts budding Entrepreneurs in front of a ruthless panel of high profile investors. Mark made an application and was accepted. Airing on Shark Tank Australia's first episode, all the panel of investors laughed the idea away, even to the extent of Janine Allis (Boost Juice) not even believing Mark had a US Patent on the product. Though while "Shark" Andrew Banks didn't see it as a business, he though it was worth a "punt" and a few phone calls, offering to try and sell the Patent for a share in what he could get for it.
Again the years pass by....

Hamdog Stall

Another sellout Hamdog event!

Two years passed with no real interest from anyone to purchase the Hamdog™ concept. Mark was becoming disheartened that the Hamdog™ was never going to be. Yet he knew he had something. He then made the decision to make it happen himself. Within 6 weeks Mark had the product to launch phase, ready to test the market. It was a huge success and with some clever marketing, just three months later (October 2016) his creation made global news, becoming the most publicised food product in history. What was next?.....

Currently the Hamdog™ is being sold at events, festivals, etc in Perth, Australia. With roll out of Hamdog™ buns to Australian Supermarkets commencing mid 2017. Allowing not only the public to create a Hamdog™ at home, though also for existing burger outlets to offer their own versions. Once smoothly operational, the concept will roll out across the world.


How the hamdog is protected

  • 01US Design PatentPatent #: D584,478SUS Patent: "Combination hamburger and hotdog bun".
  • 02IP AustraliaRegistered Design #: 321736SDesign description: "Bread Bun".
  • 03US TrademarkTrademark #: 87233411Word mark description:"hamdog".
  • 04UK TrademarkTrademark #: UK00003205936Word mark description:"hamdog".
  • 05UK Design RegistrationRegistered Design #: 6012868Design description: "Bread Bun".
  • 06IP ProtectionInternational IP LawGlobal public product knowledge.

Future Plans

Whats in store for the Hamdog?

Recent massive global recognition in the Hamdog™ has lead to interest from entities worldwide that want to be part of the "Hamdog™ Revolution".

Our mass production of specialised Hamdog™  baking trays is now in progress. This will allow for any bakery across the globe to produce buns to for-fill orders within those regions. They will be shipped trays, recipe and dough weights to manufacture for us under license.

We are now offering Licensing opportunities worldwide.


The "other" hamdog

Judge for yourself!

There is also another product that goes by the same name. Some people claiming that it is the same as our product and is the original Hamdog™ . Fact is...It is nothing like our Hamdog™, plus it is well documented that our Hamdog™ predates the conception of this sausage wrapped in mince.