What’s a Hamdog?

What's a Hamdog?

The "Original" Hamdog

According to the Hamdog™ Patent description, it is " A combination hamburger and hotdog bread bun". So quite a simple, though unusual concept. While it may look odd, the original Hamdog™ tastes great due to the combination of the selected meats.

In it's "original" form, it is made up of the following ingredients:
Beef patty, frankfurt, cheese, sliced dill pickle, tomato, lettuce, raw white onion, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

The "Mini" Hamdog

Hamdog™  buns will be available for the public to purchase through select Supermarkets allowing you to create your version of the perfect Hamdog™ .  Existing burger outlets will also be able to add their versions to their menus. So expect to see everything from Gourmet to Vegan. We will also be releasing a miniaturised version.