Food Stalls

Hamdog Food StallThe Hamdog™  has well proven its ability to do extremely well at any event. Always being the most popular food stall by far.

Now you can add the Hamdog™ to your menu and not only will you increase your traffic (revenue) due to all the excitement the Hamdog™ attracts. You will have total creative control over the Hamdog™ variations you create.

All you need to do is identify a Bakery within your proximity and we will send them the special Hamdog™ baking trays. You also have the option to be the only Hamdog™ seller within your region, including using authorised  Hamdog™ branding.

It costs nothing other than a security deposit to cover the special Hamdog™ baking trays. We collect a small royalty on each Hamdog™ that you sell. Win, win!

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