The Hamdog™ "Crypto Coin" ICO is coming!
Only 20 000 000 Tokens will be created at a Ethereum value of approximately US$0.50 via Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.
The ICO will fund the creation of four “Mega” Hamdog Fast Food Restaurants with planned locations being New York City (USA), Sydney (AUSTRALIA), Tokyo (JAPAN) and London (UK).
Tokens will be exchange tradable and Smart Contract rules effectively make the Token holders the store owners and will allow for profits generated by stores to be distributed to token holders.

Register your interest in our presale at:

DISCLAIMER: ICOs are highly speculative investments in blockchain technology projects. While the potential returns may look attractive, these types of fundraising projects are mostly unregulated and the chance of losing your investment is high. Participation in ICO’s offering “Security / Equity Tokens” is not permitted for residents located within certain countries, hence will be excluding from this offering. Please check your local laws.