Supermarket Stockists

Hamdog™ Buns have now commenced commercial production in Perth, Australia. Hamdog™ Buns will be available for retail sale on 1st December 2017. As an existing Independent Supermarket you will be able to add our product to your baked goods lines.

Hamdog™ Buns are much more than just another product line. Firstly they have received more global exposure than any other food product in history. Their popularity will see you attract customers you may have previously missed out on as they shop with Coles / Woolworths. Plus, when a customer buys Hamdog™ Buns, they'll also need to purchase an array of ingredients.

As a Hamdog™ Bun stockist, you will also benefit from our marketing campaigns and the promotion of your outlet through our media platforms.

Contact us today to register your interest!